Romance is a part of most YA books these days…so here you can find all of our videos on writing those lovey-dovey scenes. To watch all of our videos on writing romance, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific video on writing romance, use the list below or the search bar.

Desiraye’s Favorite Romance Tropes!

Dez talks about the romance tropes that make her swoon!

Enemies to Lovers

Emma Kate talks about the ever popular trope: ENEMIES TO LOVERS.

Faking Your Way Through Romance (Scenes)

E. Latimer talks about writing love scenes when you hate writing them or aren’t feeling like you are particularly qualified to write sexy things.

Hey writers, abuse isn’t romantic

Rachel talks about the portrayal of abusive relationships in lit.

L’amour in YA

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds discuss how to write great love and romance in your books.

LOVE–It’s All Greek to Me

Emma Kate defines the various ancient Greek terms for love and uses Harry Potter to illustrate these terms in kidlit.

Romance in YA

Kellie Sheridan talks about how she loves a good YA romance.

Romance Scenes

Erica Crouch talks about how to write great romance scenes.

Romancing the… Page?

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk about the many facets of writing romance.

Slow Burn Romance

Emma Kate talks about how to write a slow burn romance that makes sense and makes your readers feel all the feels.


It’s Valentine’s week, so tonight we’re talking about romantic love and how to write it well in whatever genre you prefer to write.

WRITING ROMANCE (for the unromantic)

E. Latimer gives advice for writing romance when the whole process seems daunting.