The WordNerds have many videos about how to revise a novel. To watch all of our videos on editing, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific topic with regards to revisions, use the list below or the search bar.

A Writing Update in 2.5 Parts!

Meghan Jashinsky talks about life after signing with an agent, as well as revising a book she’s co-written with Kyra.

All the Edits

E. Latimer talks about what she does to prepare for intense revisions.

Ariane Felix: Scrivener Tips

Ariane Felix–writer, YouTuber, and Pitch Wars Alum–talks about her favorite aspects of Scrivener!

Crafting Scenes

Emma Gisclair talks about the importance of scenes, and how to write a good scene.

Cutting Out 10%

Kellie Sheridan gives a few tips on how to tighten up your manuscript at every level.

Don’t Strive for Perfect

Kellie Sheridan talks about the importance of letting go, and sending your book out into the world.

First Draft Hangover

Calyn Morgan talks about first draft hangovers and coming back from a writing break.

Flexibility in Writing

Erica Crouch talks about how your writing should be like a living document–change is okay and often good!

Focus Your Revisions

Erica Crouch talks about the most important aspect of revisions–figuring out what the main point/focus of your story is.


Meghan Jashinsky gives a four-part vlog series about how she revises her novels, from finishing your first draft to your shiny and new “The End.”


Meghan Jashinsky talks about how to make major, book-gutting revisions/rewrites.


E. Latimer talks about all of the things you should do once you’ve finished your first draft.

Making the Tough Cuts

Kellie Sheridan gives some tips on cutting unnecessary parts of your manuscript.

Meghan’s Revision Process

Meghan Jashinsky shares a quick look at her revisions process.

Moving and Master Lists

E. Latimer talks about preparing to move and how she uses master lists in revisions.

Over Editing

Erica Crouch warns you not to revise your manuscript too much.

Plot Twists!

Emma Kate talks about how to write plot twists well.

Pro Writing Aid

Meghan Jashinsky talks about ProWritingAid, a great line editing program that she’s being trying out during Pitch Wars!

Revisions and Waiting

E. Latimer talks about the importance of patience in the writing industry. Don’t rush the things you can control!


In this Sunday Special Live Chat, the WordNerds talk all about their revisions processes from start to finish.

Take Some Risks!

Meghan Jashinsky talks about trying new things when you revise–you never know how it might help your work!

The Book Skeleton

Meghan Jashinsky talks about using the book skeleton method, and shares a downloadable worksheet so that you can use it, too!

The Trifecta of Publishing

In this Sunday Special Live chat, the WordNerds talk about your options once you’ve finished a book–indie publishing, self publishing, traditional publishing? There will be lots of things you need to do to prepare for any of them.

Three Self Editing Tips

Kellie Sheridan talks about the eternal struggle of editing your own novels, and how you can make your job a little easier.

What to Do After You Spew

Emma Gisclair talks about pre-submission editing, and how you shouldn’t send your manuscript to editors and agents right after you type “The End.”

Worrying About Word Count

Kellie Sheridan talks about the ideal word counts for YA novels.


Meghan Jashinsky talks about how she uses white boards for extra inspiration throughout the writing process.