Writing the words on the page is one of, if not the hardest parts of being a writer. To watch all of our videos on drafting, use the playlist below. The find a specific topic with regards to drafting a novel, use the list below or the search bar.

“Tracing” Authors’ Words

Rachel Sargeant talks about how to implement beautiful words into your writing when you read sentences that make you go WOAH.

14k in One Day… How I Did It!

Kellie sheridan had one EPIC writing day. Here she shares her tips on how to have a day like that, yourself.

Apps for Writers

Kellie Sheridan talks about three apps that can help your writing–Evernote, NaNoProgress, and Write or Die.

Ariane Felix: Scrivener Tips

Ariane Felix–writer, YouTuber, and Pitch Wars Alum–talks about her favorite aspects of Scrivener!

Breaking Down the Wall

E. Latimer talks about getting stuck halfway through writing your book.

Close the Door

Write with the door closed. Edit with the door open. –Stephen King (also Emma Kate)

Crafting Scenes

Emma Kate talks about the importance of scenes, and how to write a good scene.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5-YaT6qQnA In this Sunday Special Live Chat, the WordNerds talk all about “The End.” How to decide what your ending will be, how to write it, and what things to avoid.

Finding the Beginning

Emma Kate talks about the most important elements of an opening scene, and how to write a compelling first chapter.

First Draft Tips!

Kellie Sheridan shares some advice for your first draft.

First Drafts, Word Count, & Character Voice

Erica Crouch talks about writing a messy first draft, getting your word count in, and establishing character voice.

Getting to “The End”

Meghan Jashinsky talks about how to make sure that you finish your manuscript.

How I Wrote Faster

Meghan Jashinsky talks about what she did to get faster at writing, and shares the spreadsheet she used to track all her data. LINK TO THE WRITE FASTER SPREADSHEET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_yHqsp7bLDFO2WY2CylIZHBUlORF6TFGtn5IudOsNA/edit?usp=sharing To save the spreadsheet for yourself, you have two options: File / Make a Copy / Okay (on the box that pops up and asks … Continue reading How I Wrote Faster

How to Write a Book

Meghan Jashinsky provides a step-by-step guide to writing your very first book.

I Like Writing Out of Order??

Meghan Jashinsky, usually a strict plotter/chronological writer tries out writing out of order and actually? likes it??

Is “Word Vomit” a Cause for Medication?

Calyn Morgan talks about word vomit and whether or not it is good to spill words onto the page.

K.N. Lee: From Pantsing to Plotting

K.N. Lee–NYT and USA Today bestselling author–talks about how switching from pantsing to plotting helped her become a stronger, more focused writer. She also shares how you can become more of a plotter while still maintaining the free, character-driven feeling of pantsing.

Keeping Your Writing Momentum

E. Latimer talks about keeping up momentum when the shininess of your shiny idea wears off.

Let It Simmer

Emma Kate talks about the importance of letting an idea sit, and not forcing it into something you don’t want it to be.

Opening Lines

Calyn Morgan talks about the importance of hooking readers with your first line, and shares some first sentences that wow her.

Restarting My Work in Progress

Emma Kate talks about realizing she needed to make a change that required a restart of her work in progress.

Should You Have a Prologue?

Kellie Sheridan knows that prologues can be a touchy subject for writers. Should you have one?


Meghan Jashinsky struggles to pick a new idea to work on (featuring: dinosaurs!).

So You Wanna Be a Writer

Emma Kate shares some tips to help get you started if you’re considering becoming a writer.

Stuck in the Middle

Emma Gisclair has some encouragement for anyone who’s feeling down about the middle of NaNoWriMo or the middle of their draft.

The 5 Beginnings

Rachel Sargeant talks about five different ways you can begin your story.

The Sagging, Dragging Middle

Meghan Jashinsky gives tips for when the middle of your book feels like it’s dragging.

The Writer’s Sketchbook

Emma Gisclair talks about how you can capture real life as it is happening so that you can write it well later on.

Tips for Slow Writers

Emma Kate gives some advice for those of you who don’t write quickly.

What Happens Next?

Emma Gisclair tells you what to do when you have no clue what should happen next in your story.

Worrying About Word Count

Kellie Sheridan talks about the ideal word counts for YA novels.


Meghan Jashinsky talks about how she uses white boards for extra inspiration throughout the writing process.

Writing a Killer First Line

Meghan Jashinsky talks about how to write an opening line that will have your readers desperate to see what happens next. The keys? Voice, imagery, and wonder!

Writing by Hand

Emma Gisclair talks about writing by hand as a method for getting inspired.

Writing Out of Sequence

Kellie Sheridan talks about why she loves skipping ahead to different scenes. You don’t have to write chronologically!


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds give tips for young or first time writers.