Diversity in YA

The WordNerds love diverse books, and want to support diverse books/authors! To watch all of our videos on writing and supporting diverse books, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific video with regards to diversity in YA lit, use the list below or the search bar.


Emma Gisclair talks about #OwnVioces, its importance in the bookish world, and gives some #OwnVoices book recs.


Emma Gisclair talks about the start of the We Need Diverse Books campaign and shares a few reasons why representation is so important.

Caitlyn Laster: The Basics of Writing Blind Characters

Writer Caitlyn Laster (also known by her pen name Cheyenne Raphael!) shares her advice for anyone trying to write blind or visually impaired characters.

Diversity in YA

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk all things diversity in young adult lit.

Including LGBT Characters

Rachel Sargeant talks about the importance of including LGBT characters in your work.

Justina Ireland: Supporting Diversity in YA Literature

Justina Ireland–author of Vengeance Bound and Promise of Shadows, and owner of the Writing in the Margins website–talks about how you can support diversity in the books you read and write.


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds discuss the importance of including LGBTQIA characters in young adult books, and share some of their favorite diverse YA lit.

Representation Matters!

Erica Crouch doesn’t want to hear any excuses for not having a diverse cast in your work.

TBR Shelf Tour & LGBTQ Reads

E. Latimer gives a mini bookshelf tour and shares some LGBTQ reads.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Disability

Rachel Sargeant talks about what you should and should not do when writing about characters with different abilities.

We Need Diverse Books

Calyn Morgan talks about the importance of the We Need Diverse Books campaign and shares some resources to where you can help support the organization.

Writing Diverse Books is Important!

Desiraye Williams talks about why it is important to write and read diverse books.