Writing Craft

Here you will find all WordNerds videos on the craft of writing. There are twelve sub-topics in the inspiration section. Click on the title of the topic you’re most interested in to navigate to the appropriate page.

PlottingPrepping to write a novel? Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser or something in between, we have videos for you here.

DraftingHere you can find all of the WordNerds’ videos on getting through the first draft.

RevisingIf you’ve made it past the first draft and are wondering what to do next–or if you’re revising and stuck–these videos are for you.

Beta ReadingLooking for ways to make writing friends or find beta readers? We’ve got tips for you here!

Character DevelopmentStrong characters are the most important aspect of any story. Learn how to make your characters three-dimensional here.

WorldbuildingFrom contemporary to high fantasy, worldbuilding is critical. Get some help expanding your book’s world here.

Dialogue & VoiceHere you can find all of the WordNerds’ videos on honing voice and keeping dialogue tight.

RomanceNeed help with that romantic tension? We’ve got you covered here.

Diversity in YAThe WordNerds love diverse books and authors, and here you can find all of our videos on how to support both.

Grammar/SyntaxHere you can find all of the WordNerds’ videos on making your writing better at the sentence and paragraph level.

Motivation & ProductivityNeed help setting goals and following through? How about making yourself sit down and finish your project? We’ve got tons of help for you here.

OtherHere you can find any of the videos on improving your writing that didn’t seem to fit into one of the above categories.Pencils PURPLE 3