Our Writing/Reading Spaces

The WordNerds love showing off their books and sharing the places that they write with you all. To watch all of our writing/reading spaces videos, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific bookshelf or writing space tour, use the list below or the search bar.

ALL The Writing Spaces!

In this special WordNerds community video, we show off our writing spaces with the help of fellow authors Ellie Moreton, Susan McGrath, Helen Powers, Debbi Mack, Meg Sill, and Brenda Lore. We also talk about why writing is the best ever. 🙂

Bookshelf Tour

E. Latimer shares her shelfie.

Bookshelf Tour

Meghan Jashinsky shows off her shelfie.

Bookshelf Tour

Erica Crouch shares her shelfie.

Calyn’s Bookshelf Tour

Calyn Morgan shows off her shelfie.

Erin’s Dream Library

E. Latimer talks about what her dream home library would look like.

Kellie’s Bookcase/Office Tour

KEllie Sheridan shows her awesome new office/library.

Kellie’s Corner

Kellie Sheridan shows off her work area.

Library Tour

E. Latimer takes you on a magical tour of her library.

Meghan’s Bookshelves!

Meghan Jashinsky shows off her shelves.

My Desk is a Magical Place

Meghan Jashinsky gives you a tour of her desk, where all the writing magic (kinda, sorta, maybe) happens.

Rachel’s Insane TBR Tour Vlog

Rachel Sargeant gives a tour of her giant TBR shelf.

Shelfie Time with Emma

Emma Kate shows off her shelves.

TBR Shelf Tour & LGBTQ Reads

E. Latimer gives a mini bookshelf tour and shares some LGBTQ reads.

Tour Erica’s Bookshelves

Erica Crouch shows off where she keeps all of the books in her new apartment.