Our Personal Writing Lives

Wednesdays on the WordNerd channel are devoted to updating one another on our personal writing lives, so here you can find all of the big happenings in our personal writing processes and publishing journeys. To watch all of our videos on our personal writing lives, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific video  about our publishing journeys, use the list below or the search bar.


E. Latimer talks about the songs she listens to to get pumped despite rejections.


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds get pumped about hitting 5,000 subscribers, and also celebrate Erin getting a book deal. And we answer writing questions!

7 Days of Writing

Emma Gisclair records seven days of writing to hold herself more accountable.

A Writing Update in 2.5 Parts!

Meghan Jashinsky talks about life after signing with an agent, as well as revising a book she’s co-written with Kyra.


E. Latimer shows off her shiny new ARCs and hosts a giveaway for the first ever ARC of THE STRANGE AND DEADLY PORTRAITS OF BRYONY GRAY.

All the Edits

E. Latimer talks about what she does to prepare for intense revisions.

An Open Letter to the WordNerds

Kellie Sheridan gives a special message to the WordNerds vloggers in the week following her wedding.

Author Life Tag

Kellie Sheridan does the author life tag!

Books, Books, and More Books!

Kellie Sheridan gives a brief writing life update and talks about how she has been reading ALL THE BOOKS.

Books, Dogs, and More books… Oh My!

Kellie Sheridan gives an update on all things book and dog related.

Calyn Does the #WriterLife Tag

Calyn Morgan participates in the writerlife tag created by Kelsey Macke!

Calyn Morgan is up in this hizzy!

Calyn Morgan pops in to say hello and give an update on her writing/reading life!

Calyn’s Bucket List (Side Effects May Vary)

Calyn Morgan shares her bucket list as part of her review of SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY by Julie Murphy.

Calyn’s Dark Carnival Anthology

Calyn Morgan has a short story published in the Dark Carnival Anthology!

Calyn’s Progress in Two Parts

Calyn Morgan talks about her writing/reading progress and why she has been away for awhile.

Calyn’s Writing Process

Calyn Morgan talks all about how she prepares to write a book and then moves into the actual writing phase!

Calyn’s Writing Process 2.0

Calyn Morgan gives an updated talk about how she starts writing a book, all the way through to the drafting phase.

Check In – Quarter Three, 2017

The WordNerds check in on their goals and TBRs for quarter 3 of 2017.

Check-In: Quarter One, 2017

The WordNerds share their TBRs and writing goals for quarter one of 2017.

Deep Breath!

Kellie Sheridan shares her last life/writing update of 2016.

Desiraye’s Writing Journey

Desiraye Williams shares what her writing life has been like up to this point.

Dream Big for 2017

Kellie Sheridan encourages you to dream big and set attainable, but still reaching, goals for 2017.

Emma’s Baby Steps

Emma Gisclair talks about getting SO close to meeting her goals, and being patient with herself/allowing herself to take baby steps to finish her book.

Emma’s Exciting Summer Plans Are Exciting

Emma Gisclair finished a first draft and she is so stoked!

Emma’s Little Update + Finding Time

Emma Gisclair gives a writing life update, and talks about finding time to write when life is busy.

Emma’s Looking Forward to 2015

Emma Gisclair talks about the literary things she’s most looking forward to in 2015.

Emma’s May Goals

Emma Gisclair shares some goals for the new month now that the year is almost halfway through.

Erica Does the #WriterLife Tag

Erica Crouch participates in Kelsey Macke’s writerlife tag!

Erica Introduces WRITE ALL YEAR

Erica Crouch introduces her and Kellie Sheridan’s latest project, a website called Write All Year.

Erica Says Everything is About to Change

Erica Crouch feels change on the horizon and is anxious but excited about it.


Erica Crouch talks about the many major things happening in her writing life now.

Erica Wrote a Screenplay

Erica Crouch wrote a screenplay, and it is going to be a thing!

Erica’s 2013 in Review

Erica Crouch shares her 2013 highlights.

Erica’s Back in the Groove

Erica Crouch hasn’t written anything substantial in awhile and wants to change that.


Erica Crouch is so excited to have a completed, FIVE-BOOK series!

Erica’s IGNITE Audiobook Excerpt

Erica Crouch shares an excerpt from the audiobook of her debut novel.

Erica’s MADLY, DEEPLY Audiobook Excerpt

Erica Crouch shares a short excerpt of the audiobook for her novel, MADLY, DEEPLY.

Erica’s SURVIVING FIRST DRAFTS Audiobook Excerpt

Erica Crouch shares an excerpt from the audiobook (narrated by herself!) for her nonfiction book, SURVIVING FIRST DRAFTS.

Erica’s Writing Notebooks

Erica Crouch shows off her writing notebooks so you can see how she keeps up with her ideas.

Erin Wonders, Are We Having Fun Yet?

E. Latimer talks about what it’s like preparing to publish her book, FROST.

Erin’s Anthology Announcement

E. Latimer announces that she’s going to be published in the IMAGINES anthology.

Erin’s Big Shiny Announcement

E. Latimer has an agent!!!

Erin’s FROST Cover Reveal

Erin shows off the cover of her debut novel, FROST!

Erin’s Hopes, Dreams, and Chicken Soup

E. Latimer has a short story published in a Chicken Soup book!

Erin’s New Year, New Goals

E. Latimer talks about her literary goals for 2016.

Erin’s New York Trip, BEA, and Literary Tattoos

E. Latimer talks about her trip to Book Expo America and getting literary tattoos.

Erin’s Notebooks

E. Latimer shows off her notebooks and tells you her methods for note-taking and writing in a notebook.

Erin’s Pitch Wars Check-In

E. Latimer gives an update about how Pitch Wars is going for her.

Erin’s Release Day Giveaway

E. Latimer celebrates the debut of FROST and hosts a giveaway.

Excerpts from Rachel’s Work

Rachel Sargeant shares some passages from her own works!

Failing NaNoWriMo and Adjusting Goals

Meghan Jashinsky talks about failing hard core at NaNoWriMo, NaNoReDo, and setting new goals post-November.

Finished for the Semester!

Desiraye Williams is finished for the semester, and so excited to be done!

First Pass Pages

E. Latimer talks about first pass pages!

Flaming Manuscript and Other Goal Fails

In which Meghan Jashinsky talks about how her 2016 quarter 2 went (HINT: sucky), and also prepares her manuscript for beta readers.

FOUR OF A KIND Cover Reveal

Kellie Sheridan shares the cover of her forthcoming novel, FOUR OF A KIND.

FROST Sequel Announcement

E. Latimer shares ALL the Frost sequel news!

How Erin Got Her Agent

E. Latimer shares the story of how she came to be represented by Silvia Molteni of Peters, Fraser, and Dunlop.

How We Write

In this Sunday Special live chat, the wordNerds talk about their writing processes and how they have evolved over the years. They also answer all of your burning questions about writing!


Meghan Jashinsky is in a bit of a writing slump.


Meghan Jashinsky tried to write as many words as she possibly could in 48 hours. Here’s how it went.


E. Latimer has a book deal with Tundra, a Penguin Random House imprint! Here’s where she announces it and tells you a little about the book!


Meghan Jashinsky shares the exciting news–she has an agent!

I’m Writing a Musical?

Desiraye Williams talks about her new writing project–a musical!–and her life goals of being an EGOT.

Inspirational Story Time

Desiraye Williams shares an inspirational story about a child telling her to never give up.

It’s 2015! Let’s Party!

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds get excited for the new year and talk about the things they hope to accomplish.

Kellie Faces All the Distractions! And Gives an Update!

Kellie Sheridan gives a writing life update.

Kellie Has One Month Down

Kellie Sheridan talks about how her goals are going now that she’s one month into 2016.

Kellie Needs a Vacation

Kellie Sheridan gives a writing life update. Things are a little crazy! All the productivity!

Kellie’s Book: DUALITY

Kellie Sheridan talks about the release of her second novel in the Hitchiker Strain series, DUALITY.

Kellie’s Bookish Projects

Kellie Sheridan has a couple of writerly projects going on in 2016 and would love for you to join in.

Kellie’s Getting Excited for 2015!

Kellie Sheridan talks about all of the upcoming 2015 things that she can’t wait for.

Kellie’s Looking Back on 2015

Kellie Sheridan reflects on the things she accomplished in 2015.

Kellie’s Milestones & Life Events

Kellie Sheridan has had some exciting life things going on!

Kellie’s New Book Release

Kellie Sheridan talks about the release of her new book on writing, REFILLING YOUR INKWELL.

Kellie’s Self Publishing Journey

Kellie Sheridan talks about her journey down the self publishing path!

Kellie’s September Releases!

Kellie Sheridan published a book every week in September 2017. Here are those books!

Me Penguin Random House Tour!

E. Latimer toured her publishing house while visiting Toronto!

Meghan Does the #WriterLife Tag

Meghan Jashinsky does Kelsey Macke’s writerlife tag!

Meghan’s Life = Querying and WordNerds Auditions

Meghan Jashinsky talks about how querying is going for her and shares her thoughts on the WordNerds audition process.

Meghan’s Return of the Fantasy

Meghan Jashinsky talks about her triumphant return to the world of writing fantasy!

Meghan’s Revision Process

Meghan Jashinsky shares a quick look at her revisions process.


Meghan Jashinsky sees her name on a paperback novel for the first time ever and *squee*.

Moving and Master Lists

E. Latimer talks about preparing to move and how she uses master lists in revisions.

Moving, College Classes, and More!

Desiraye Williams shares her exciting life news–including college classes, roommates, and writing!

My Life as a Full Time Writer

E. Latimer is a full time writer! Here’s how she does it.

Never Give Up!!

Desiraye Williams talks about never giving up, and how it relates to her own life.

New Ideas and a PSA

Desiraye Williams talks about some new ideas she’s had lately, and shares a PSA.

New Projects, Old Projects, and Wattpad

Meghan Jashinsky talks about her current projects and her revamped Wattpad account.


Meghan Jashinsky gets prepped to go to Canada, and is mayyybe a little bit stressed about it.

Organize Your Writing/Life

In this Sunday Special live chat, the wordNerds talk about howthey organize their writing (and regular) lives…and maybe go off on some tangents.

Our Fave Writing Tips/Tricks

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds discuss their most valuable writing advice, and answer your writing-related questions.


The WordNerds held auditions for a new member, and these are the results! Meet the newest WordNerds and hear writing and bookish questions answered.

Pen Name Reveal and Giveaway

Kellie sheridan reveals that she’s also been writing under a pen name–Piper Landen–and runs a giveaway!


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds celebrate the release of the sci-fi anthology, POLARIS AWAKENING, which features work from Erica Crouch, E. Latimer, Kellie Sheridan, and Meghan Jashinsky!

Productive Summer, Here I Come!

A quick check in with Kellie Sheridan before she dives into what will hopefully be an insanely productive summer!

Rachel’s Packing Vlog

Rachel packs for the trip to Kellie’s wedding!

Reading My Old Writing

Desiraye Williams shares some of her very old writing!

Recommitting Myself to my Writing

Kellie Sheridan talks about recommitting herself to her writing and her career.

Revisions Panicking and Coauthor Cackling

Meghan Jashinsky talks about what it’s been like co-writing a book (as she approaches the first draft finish line), and freaks out a little about a pretty major revision suggestion.


Meghan Jashinsky writes down/shares 7 of her writing-related insecurities, sets them on fire, and talks about the importance of focusing on your writing “securities” rather than insecurities.