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Where there are WordNerds, there are bound to be all sorts of nerdy shenanigans. Here you can find that nerdy miscellany. To watch all of our shenanigan-filled videos, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific type of shenanigan, use the list below or the search bar.


Writer’s block got you down? Or maybe you just kicked but on a new scene. Either way, we think a dance break is in order!

11:11 Party!

In this Sunday Special Live Chat, the WordNerds celebrate reaching 1,111 subscribers, as well as Erin’s birthday!

2 Year/2K Subscribers Party

In this Sunday Special Live chat, the WordNerds celebrate the channel turning two, as well as the reaching of 2,000 subscribers!

23 Things About Me!

Rachel Sargeant tells you 23 fun facts about herself!


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds get pumped about hitting 5,000 subscribers, and also celebrate Erin getting a book deal. And we answer writing questions!


Some of the WordNerds were together! And despite some sound difficulties, they had a Sunday Special live chat from Emma’s living room!

A Book by its Cover Game

Erica Crouch shows her sister a book cover, and then her sister guesses (just from the cover) what the book is about. Erica judges. Shenanigans ensue.

A Model Who Reads

Rachel Sargeant talks about Vancouver Fashion Week and shares all of the places and times for models to read during fashion week!

A Peek in Mrs. Weasley’s Kitchen

Meghan Jashinsky shares her favorite Harry Potter themed dinner/dessert recipes.

A PROPER CUP OF TEA with E. Latimer

While visiting Toronto for Kellie’s wedding, it came to light that some of the American WordNerds used the microwave to boil water for tea. This offended the Canadians’ finely-honed tea sensibilities, and thus, this video was born.


Meghan introduces the next WordNerds collaboration: blackout poetry! POEMS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO: THE RESULTS

An Ode to Deathly Hallows Tattoos

Calyn Morgan shares some of her favorite Harry Potter tattoos as she just got one of her own!

Backwards Superpowers

Rachel Sargeant shares some ridiculous super powers that subvert the tropes to help get you inspired to write something unique!


E. Latimer talks about the the people who fear, hate, or distrust books… BIBLIOPHOBES.

Blooper Reel 1

The WordNerds filmed a ton while at YALLFest, so naturally there were a ton of bloopers to be had.

Blooper Reel 2

The WordNerds filmed a ton while at YALLFest, so naturally there were a ton of bloopers to be had.


In which Meghan Jashinsky enlists the help of her husband to build a fort out of all their books.

Book Ornaments!

Emma Gisclair shows you how to make Christmas ornaments that look like your favorite books.

Bookshelf Hacks! (A Parody?)

Too many books? Dust everywhere? Rachel Sargeant gives some useful tips for those of us whose bookshelves need some help.


Meghan Jashinsky has a little fun dressing up like Erin’s book characters to celebrate the release of Erin’s new book, THE STRANGE AND DEADLY PORTRAITS OF BRYONY GRAY. Buy Bryony! Barnes and Noble: Amazon: Book Depository:


The WordNerds head out for hiatus in their usual manner… WITH A DANCE VIDEO.

Character Heads Up

While all together for Kellie’s wedding, the WordNerds play a game of literary heads up. Part two:

Characters and Tea

Rachel Sargeant pairs book characters with what type of tea she thinks they’d drink!

Dinner with the WordNerds

Join the WordNerds in a super riveting evening while they eat dinner at the same table thanks to YALLFest.

End of 2016 Party!

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds celebrate the end of the year, talk about their favorite things that happened, and the things that they’re most excited to have happen in 2017.

Erin’s Publishing House Haul ft. ALL THE WORDNERDS

Erin shows off her publishing house haul alongside almost all the other WordNerds!

Famous Last Words

E. Latimer talks about the power of words–specifically, last words.

For Those Sucky Days

On those days that you get a ton of rejections or bad reviews or you’re just feeling down, the WordNerds recommend you SHAKE IT OFF…through dance!

Getting to Know You (and Me!)

Kellie Sheridan shares some fun facts about herself.

Harry Potter World Drink Recipes

Meghan Jashinsky shares recipes for the two most popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter drinks: Otter’s Fizzy Orange Drink, and Frozen Butterbeer! For the written instructions, click here.

How I Read

Rachel Sargeant shows how she reads a good book.

How to Raise a Villain

The WordNerds share their tips on cultivating villainy in your little one, in honor of the newest baby nerd. Congratulations Meghan!

How to Raise the Chosen One

In honor of the birth of Erin’s child, the WordNerds come together to give some tips for raising The Chosen One. Part two: a congratulations are in order

I Don’t Read

E. Latimer talks about how she handles it when someone she thought could be a friend tells her that they don’t read.

In Which the WordNerds Dance

The first ever WordNerds compilation dance video!

Level-ing Up This NaNoWriMo

The WordNerds talk about an amazing website that can help you get ahead in National Novel Writing Month, as well as share some basic tips that can help you “win” in November. To fight the monsters featured in this video:

Lies BookWorms Tell

Rachel Sargeant is here with some lies book nerds tell themselves and other people.

Literacy Charities that ROCK

Meghan shares some great literacy promoting charities that would be worth your time or donations.

Literary Gift Ideas

Rachel Sargeant shares some ideas for what gifts to get the literary geeks in your life.

Literary Heads Up

Erica Crouch is joined by her sister to play a literary version of the games Heads Up.


The WordNerds were together at YALLFest, and they had a write-in (in person!) at Tricera Coffee!

Make Me Read It Readathon

Kellie Sheridan is participating in the Make Me Read It Readathon. Help pick her books!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the WordNerds

In which the WordNerds love you guys and hope you have a great holiday season.

Merry Christmas, and the Meaning of Noel

E. Latimer is excited that it’s Christmas and talks about the semantics of the word ‘noel’.

New Year, New *DANCE BREAK*

DANCE BREAK. Need we say more?

Non-Book Reccommendations

Kellie Sheridan shares some non-book things that fellow WordNerds might enjoy.

Olly Picks my Next Read

Meghan Jashinsky enlists the help of her dog, Olly, to pick what book she’s going to read next.

Origins of Sayings

E. Latimer discusses the etymology of some of our most common phrases.


In this special collab. video, the WordNerds’ husbands play a game where they try to describe what a book is about, using only the cover!


In this Sunday Special Live Chat, the WordNerds celebrate reaching 500 subscribers (and also Meghan & Kellie’s birthdays).

Project for Awesome 2013: Kids Need to Read

The WordNerds participatedin P4A in 2013!


On Kellie’s wedding day, the rest of the WordNerds give some relationship tips based on their favorite YA novels.

The Infinite Book Tag!

Meghan Jashinsky does the infinite book tag!

The Rise of Nerd Culture

Calyn Morgan talks about how nerds rule the world. So many nerd references, so little time.

The Sims for Writers

Kellie Sheridan uses The Sims as a plotting/worldbuilding/character creation tool.

The WordNerds are Three!

Join Emma, Kellie, and Meghan as they celebrate the WordNerds channel’s third birthday!

This is a WordNerds Video

The WordNerds are having so much fun at YALLFest! Kellie Sheridan gives a brief update in the middle of it.

Three Ghosts That Haunt You During NaNoWriMo

Meghan Jashinsky gets in the Halloween/Supernatural spirit to talk about the three ghosts that’ll haunt you during NaNoWriMo, as well as how to hunt those ghosts.

Together at Last!

Kellie Sheridan documents the FIRST official in-person uniting of the WordNerds!

Whisper Challenge

Erica Crouch is joined by her sister to take on the whisper challenge with an inspirational twist–quotes!

Why You Should Join a Fandom

E. Latimer talks about why fandoms are so awesome and you should join one.

WordNerds at my House (ft. The Half-Egg Saga)

Emma Gisclair has WordNerds at her house. Shenanigans ensue.


In this Sunday Special Live Chat, the WordNerds celebrate the channel turning one!

WordNerds Boot Camp

Meghan Jashinsky recommends some (possibly weird, possibly amazing) ways to make sure you’re taking care of your body on those days where you’re marathon writing or reading.

WordNerds Nine Nine!

New year, new channel intro! Edited by the amazing Desiraye Williams!


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds answer your writing questions and get pumped for 2017!

Writing Tag Time

Kellie Sheridan was tagged in a writing themed tag!

YALLFest Day 1

Erica Crouch guides you through the WordNerds’ first day of partying hard at YALLFest.

YALLFest Day 2

Erica Crouch guides you through day two of the WordNerds fangirling hard at YALLFest!