TBRs & Wrap-Ups

Here you can find all of the WordNerds videos about books we can’t wait to read or the books that we have read. To watch all of our TBR or wrap-up videos, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific TBR or wrap-up video, use the list below or the search bar.

Creating a TBR Book Jar

Kellie Sheridan talks about how to make a to-be-read book jar.

Kellie’s Favorite Reads of 2013

Kellie Sheridan shares her 2013 reading wrap-up.

Meghan’s BEST OF 2013

Meghan Jashinsky shares her 2013 reading wrap-up.

Calyn’s 2013 Book Year-In-Review

Calyn Morgan shares her 2013 reading wrap-up.

2013 In Review

Erica Crouch shares her 2013 reading wrap-up.

Series Finales of 2014

Emma Gisclair shares the series finales that are coming out in 2014 that she can’t wait to read.

Cheating on Your TBR Pile

E. Latimer talksabout those books that just have to be pushed to the top of your TBR pile… even if you’re in the middle of reading a different book.

Summer Releases Meghan Can’t WAIT to Read

Meghan Jashinsky talks about some summer releases she has been anxiously awaiting.

Calyn’s TBR

Calyn Morgan talks about her never ending TBR pile.

Top Fall TBR Picks

Kellie Sheridan shares the books she’s most looking forward to reading in the fall.

Emma’s Faves of 2014

Emma Gisclair recaps her favorite reads of 2014.

Kellie’s Top Ten Books of 2014

Kellie Sheridan shares her top ten reads of 2014.

5 Books That Made Me Ugly Cry in 2014

Meghan Jashinsky shares the five book that made her ugly cry the hardest in 2014.

Calyn’s Top Five Most Anticipated Books of 2015

Calyn Morgan talks about the five books she’s most looking forward to reading in 2015.

#BEA15 Book Buzz

Kellie Sheridan talks about the books getting the most hype at Book Expo America 2015.

Meghan’s February TBR

Meghan Jashinsky talks about the books she’s anticipating reading in February 2015.

Reading Recap and Making Writing Buddies

Meghan Jashinsky does a February wrap-up and talks about making writing friends, all with the help of some adorable escaped llamas.

What Erica’s Reading (Literally Right Now)

Erica Crouch shares what books are at the top of her TBR at this moment.

Calyn’s May TBR

Calyn Morgan shares the books she’s looking forward to reading in May 2015.

5 Books I’m Buying Next

E. Latimer talks about the next five books on her TBR.

Tackling Your Summer TBR

Kellie Sheridan talks about how to take on that hefty summer TBR list.

Kellie’s August Wrap-Up

Kellie Sheridan shares the books she read in August 2015.

Kellie’s Favorite Reads of 2015

Kellie Sheridan wraps up her favorite reads of 2015.

Emma’s Top Books of 2015

Emma shares her 2015 bookish wrap-up.

Erica’s First Reads of 2016

Erica Crouch shares the top of her 2016 TBR.

Emma’s Most Anticipated Reads of 2016

Emma Gisclair shares the books she’s most looking forward to reading in 2016.

February Faves and March TBR

Emma Gisclair wraps up her February reads and shares the books she wants to read in March 2016!

Books Erin is Excited About

E. Latimer talks about her April 2016 TBR.

May 3rd Book Releases!

So many books came out on May 3rd! Kellie Sheridan shares which releases she is most excited for.

Kellie’s Summer TBR List

Kellie Sheridan shares some of the books that she can’t wait to read during the summer of 2016.

Rachel’s Vacation Reads!

Rachel Sargeant shares her TBR for while she is on vacation this summer.

Kellie’s top 10 Books of 2016… So Far

Kellie Sheridan talks about the books that have knocked her socks off (so far) in the year 2016. Part 1: Part 2:

Read, Reading, and TBR

Emma Gisclair shares what she has read, is currently reading, and what she plans to read next.

Kellie Copies Emma’s Idea!

Kellie Sheridan shares what she most recently read, what she’s currently reading, and what’s up next on her TBR!

Winter Break Reads!

Desiraye Williams shares what books she plans to binge read during her winter break.

Best of 2016

Emma Gisclair shares seven books from seven different genres/categories that rocked her world in 2016.

Rachel’s Insane TBR Tour Vlog

Rachel Sargeant gives a tour of her giant TBR shelf.

Olly Picks my Next Read

Meghan Jashinsky enlists the help of her dog, Olly, to pick what book she’s going to read next.

Kellie’s Honeymoon TBR

Kellie Sheridan shares the books she’s planning to read on her honeymoon.

TBR Shelf Tour & LGBTQ Reads

E. Latimer gives a mini bookshelf tour and shares some LGBTQ reads.

3 ARCs Rachel is Ashamed Not to Have Read

Rachel Sargeant shows off three advanced reader copies she can’t believe she hasn’t gotten to yet.

Check In – Quarter Three, 2017

The WordNerds check in on their goals and TBRs for quarter 3 of 2017.

Make Me Read It Readathon

Kellie Sheridan is participating in the Make Me Read It Readathon. Help pick her books!

Book Buying guilt and Shadow Puppets

E. Latimer bought too many books, and is sorry but also not sorry. And she shows off her haul.

Series I Should Finish

Emma Kate talks about the book series where she read/liked the first book, but then for some reason just didn’t get to the subsequent books. She’ll get to them all someday!

Books In My Amazon Cart

Desiraye Williams shares what books she’s hoping to buy next!

Series I Need to Start!

Kellie Sheridan has a lot of reading to catch up on!