Book Hauls

The WordNerds love getting new books! Here you can find their book hauls. To watch all of the book hauls, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific haul, use the list below or the search bar.

Book Buying guilt and Shadow Puppets

E. Latimer bought too many books, and is sorry but also not sorry. And she shows off her haul.

Christmas Book Haul

Erica Crouch shares the books she got for Christmas.

December Book Haul

E. Latimer shares her December 2016 book haul!

Erin’s Publishing House Haul ft. ALL THE WORDNERDS

Erin shows off her publishing house haul alongside almost all the other WordNerds!

Fall Book Haul

Meghan Jashinsky shares her autumn book haul and reads the first page of each novel.

Free Comic Book Day Haul!

Desiraye Williams shows off her Comic Book Day haul.

Giant Book Haul

E. Latimer got a ton of books and can’t wait to share them with you!

Holiday Haul

Emma Gisclair shows off the nerdy things she got for Christmas in 2016.

Holiday Nerd Haul

Meghan Jashinsky shares the nerdiest haul of Christmas gifts that she’s gotten to date.

Library Book Haul

Emma Gisclair shares the amazing books she got at the library.

May Book Haul

Emma Gisclair shares the books she got in May.

Penguin Random House Book Haul

E. Latimer shows off her book haul from Penguin Random House Canada!

Rachel Got Stuff and Is Excited About It

Rachel Sargeant shares some of the nerdy things she’s gotten recently!

Rachel’s Book Thrifting Adventure

Rachel Sargeant goes thrift shopping for books and then shows off her haul.

Rachel’s Slytherin-Themed Birthday Haul

Rachel Sargeant shows off all the Slytherin-y goodness she got for her most recent birthday.

Used Bookstore Haul

Kellie Sheridan got some awesome books at a used bookstore!