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Choosing the Right Publishing Paths

Kellie Sheridan talks about how to choose the best publishing path for you.

Self vs. Traditional Publishing: The Differences

Emma Kate talks about the major differences between self and traditional publishing.

Publishing Myths

Emma Kate debunks some commonly held myths about traditional publishing.

Overcoming Publishing Hijinks

Calyn Morgan talks about the daunting publishing industry and how we must prevail and write our hearts out.

Publishing Scams

Emma Kate talks about publishing world scams to which you shouldn’t fall prey.

Agents are like Smeagol

Meghan talks about how agents>publishing as Smeagol>Frodo’s quest (NOTE: SMEAGOL, NOT GOLLUM 🙂 ).

Agent Research: The Early Stages

Emma Kate talks about what to do when you think you might be ready to query your novel.

Organizing Your Agent Hunt

Meghan talks about how to keep track of the agents you are thinking of querying.

Getting a Literary Agent

E. Latimer boils down the querying process to a few easy to understand steps.

Querying for Dummies

Emma Kate gives you the top DOs and DON’Ts of query letters, the ones that apply no matter who or what you are querying.

Query Letter Crash Course

Meghan outlines the basics of a good query letter and provides an example query to help get you started.

3 Query Mistakes

E. Latimer talks about three querying mistakes you might be making.

4 Reasons You Might Not Get a Request

Kyra Nelson–literary agent assistant, writer, and owner of the Captain (Query) Hook website–talks about four reasons why she wouldn’t request more pages from the slush pile of the agent she works for.

Query Checklist

E. Latimer provides a checklist for you to use before you send out those query letters.

Real Agents, Real Suggestions, Live Now!

Meghan talks about #MSWL, where you can find out exactly what kinds of stories individual agents and editors are looking for.

Pitching Editors and Agents

E. LAtimer talks about how to pitch editors and agents at writing conferences.

Pitch Party!

E. Latimer talks about PitMad, a twitter event where you can pitch your work to agents and editors.

Getting an R&R (Revise and Resubmit)

E. Latimer talks about what to do when an agent requests a revise and resubmit.

Finding a Literary Agent

In this Sunday Special live chat, E. Latimer, Meghan, Kyra Nelson, and Emma Kate talk about all of the steps to getting a literary agent.

Get Your Writing Out There! (Pitch Madness)

Meghan talks about another publishing contest that gets your work in front of agents, Pitch Madness.

Publisher’s Marketplace

E. Latimer talks about Publisher’s Marketplace, and why you should be using this amazing site.

Do Agents Like Hybrid Authors?

Meghan talks about whether you can get an agent if you want to self publish and traditionally publish (HINT: YOU CAN).

Why Publishing is Like Fight Club

The first rule of fight club: You don’t talk about fight club. E. Latimer talks about how this kind of relates to publishing.

Book Covers and Titles

Calyn Morgan talks about how book covers and titles work in the traditional publishing world.

Why I Chose Traditional

Meghan talks about some of the components that made her choose the traditional publishing route.

3 Publishing Contests to Enter

E. Latimer shares three publishing contests that you can enter to get your work in front of agents/editors.

Publishing Myths 2.0

Emma Kate talks about even more publishing world myths.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Kellie Sheridan talks about the weird animosity that sometimes exists between self and traditional publishing and wonders: why can’t we all just be happy writers who support each other?

Screenplay vs. Manuscript: Getting Your Work Into the World

Meghan talks about the difference between publishing a book and getting your screenplay filmed.

Another Ridiculous Article

E. Latimer talks about the ridiculousness of people trying to tell other authors that their methods of publishing–self, traditional, or something else–are not the correct choice.

Don’t Forget These In Your Query!

Meghan tells you about a few things your query letter needs besides a killer book blurb.

What Happens After You Get an Agent?

E. Latimer tells you the details of what happens once you’ve emailed an agent to accept their representation!

Agents and Hashtags

Emma Kate talks about using twitter to learn more about agents and the querying process.

Nikki Roberti Miller: Working With Literary Agents

Nikki Roberti Miller–a YA author represented by Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary–stops by to talk about different types of literary agents, parting ways with an agent, finding an agent who is best for your work, and what it is like working with an agent.

Rosalyn Eves: Persistence in Publishing

Rosalyn Eves–YA author of BLOOD ROSE REBELLION, a YA historical fantasy coming March 2017 from Knopf/Random House–talks about how to persevere in your publishing goals when all you really want to do is quit.

Preparing for Pitch Wars

Meghan talks about Pitch Wars–a writing contest that helps authors hone their work and get it into the hands of literary agents–and what you need to do to prepare for it.

Preparing for Pitch Wars

Meghan talks about how to prepare for Pitch Wars, the amazing writing contest put on by Brenda Drake!

Shannon Cooley: How I Got My Agent

Shannon Cooley–YA author represented by Victoria Marini–talks about how she got her literary agent!

When Should I Quit?

E. Latimer talks about when you should give up trying to traditionally publish your book.

How NOT to Get an Agent

E. Latimer talks about the best ways to never get an agent. 🙂

How Erin Got Her Agent

E. Latimer shares the story of how she came to be represented by Silvia Molteni of Peters, Fraser, and Dunlop.

Pro Writing Aid

Meghan talks about ProWritingAid, a great line editing program that she’s being trying out during Pitch Wars!

When to Shelve a WiP

Katherine Bogle–author of the award-winning novel, HAVEN–talks about how to determine whether it’s time to shelve a work in progress or find a different publishing path for your book.

Talkin’ Twitter with Jennifer Johnson-Blalock

Jennifer Johnson-Blalock–literary agent with Liza Dawson Associates–shares a few ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Twitter experience.

Pay the Writer!

E. Latimer talks about advance checks and the importance of making sure writers are paid.

7 Honest Questions to Ask Pre-Publishing

Rachel Sargeant shares seven questions that you should ask yourself before deciding to publish your book.

Be Prepared

Emma Kate talks about three ways you can prepare for publishing no matter what your stage in the writing process.

Revisions and Waiting

E. Latimer talks about the importance of patience in the writing industry. Don’t rush the things you can control!


Meghan shares the exciting news–she has an agent!

Trends in Publishing

Rachel Sargeant talks about publishing trends and whether or not you should write to trends.


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