Non-Writing Publishing Industry

Interested in other aspects of the publishing industry besides just writing? Here you can find our videos talking about all non-writing aspects of the publishing industry. To watch all of the videos, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific topic with regards to the non-writing side of the publishing industry, use the list below or the search bar.

Mickey Reed on Becoming an Editor

Mickey Reed, professional freelance editor, talks about how you can become an editor.

Talking About Netgalley

Kellie Sheridan talks about her publishing world job–all Netgalley, all the time!

ARC Etiquette

Calyn Morgan talks about the appropriate ways to read/review/handle advanced reader copies of books.

Being Joan of ARCs

Kellie Sheridan talks about working for Spencer Hill Press and how advanced reader copies work from the publisher’s side.

4 Things to Know About Working at the Library

Emma Gisclair talks about her job at a library and what you might need to do to work in one.

Respecting Published Authors

Rachel Sargeant talks about the importance of respecting published authors even when you hated their books or online persona.

The DOs and DON’Ts of ARCs

Emma Gisclair talks about the rules of advanced reader copies of books.

How to Get ARCs

Rachel Sargeant shares advice on how to get your hands on advanced reader copies of books.

Side Hustles for Writers

Kellie Sheridan talks about ways that writers and other creatives can make a little money on the side to support their creative endeavors.

Trad Pub 101: What is Going to Auction? E. Latimer talks about what happens when a book goes to auction.


In this live chat the WordNerds talk all about rejection in the publishing world.