Traditional, self, or something else–right here we’ve got all the information you need on how to get your book into the hands of agents, editors, and readers. There are five sub-topics in the publishing section. Click on the title of the topic you’re most interested in to navigate to the appropriate page.

Typewriter2CROPPEDTraditional PublishingLooking to publish with a big house? We’ve got all the details on how to do that here.

Self/Indie PublishingLooking to publish yourself or through an independent press? This is the page for you.

Social Media ManagementManaging your social media pages is a crucial part of being an author these days. Learn all about how to do that well here.

Marketing Your BookWhether you go traditional or self/indie, you’ll need to market your book. Learn the juicy details of marketing here.

Non-Writing Publishing IndustryInterested in working in the publishing industry from a different side–maybe an editor or librarian or agent? Learn about how to do that here.