HUGE List of Places to Meet Writers!

Places mentioned in the video:

  1. Twitter:
    1. Hashtags: amwriting, 1LineWed, PitchWars, PitchMadness, PitMad, nanowrimo
  2. Absolute Write:
  3. Maggie Stiefvater’s Writer Match-Up:!forum/critique-partner-matchup
  4. Natalie Parker’s Agented Author Hookup:
  5. Facebook Groups:
    1. Beta Readers & Critiques:
    2. The Write Life Group:
    3. The Indie Author Group:
    4. Write On! Online:
    5. Indie Writers Unite!:
    6. Fiction Writers Group:
    7. Children’s Authors and Illustrators on Facebook:
    8. 20BooksTo50k:
    9. Writers Helping Writers:
    10. NaNoLand (Formerly known as NaNoWriMo Participants):
    11. 10 Minute Novelists:
  6. Ladies Who Critique (open to all genders):
  7. Writing Conferences/Book Festivals
    1. Not all these cost money. Do some research and I bet you’ll find one in your state!
    2. Make a business card with a way to get in touch with you, that way you can swap with people if you feel comfortable doing that sort of thing. Just something with your name and twitter account is plenty!
  8. Libraries: ask if they have any writing groups that meet there. If not, START ONE!
    1. Same goes for English teachers/professors! If you’re a student, ask your English teachers if they know of any writing groups you could join!
  9. NaNoWriMo (In November):
    1. Forums
    2. IRL events
  10. Critters Workshop:
  11. Kidlit 411:
  12. MyWritersCircle Forums:
  13. Writers Carnival:
  14. com:
  15. The Writers’ workshop Community:
  16. WordNerds comments! 😃 Especially during live chats!

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