[Nouns] That Inspire

The WordNerds are inspired by all of the things, and here you can find our videos about those things that get our creative minds working. To watch all of our videos on the people, places, and things that inspire us, use the embedded playlist. To find a specific type of inspiration, use the list below or the search bar.

Adventures at WattCon

E. Latimer talks about the inspiration that comes from writing/bookish conferences and shares her awesome experiences at WattCon.

ALL The Writing Spaces!

In this special WordNerds community video, we show off our writing spaces with the help of fellow authors Ellie Moreton, Susan McGrath, Helen Powers, Debbi Mack, Meg Sill, and Brenda Lore. We also talk about why writing is the best ever. 🙂

American Thanksgiving Style

Meghan Jashinsky says that the WordNerds are so thankful and inspired by YOU, our viewers!

Ariane Felix: Scrivener Tips

Ariane Felix–writer, YouTuber, and Pitch Wars Alum–talks about her favorite aspects of Scrivener!

Authors with Inspiring Blogs

Emma Gisclair loves reading the advice and thoguhts of published authors. Here are some of her favorites.

Calyn is Inspired by ALL THE THINGS

Calyn Morgan finds inspiration in everything around her.

Calyn’s Art Journal

Calyn Morgan shows off her novice art journalist skills.

Cartoons Are Important!

Desiraye Williams talks about her favorite cartoons and how they inspire her.

Daphne Lamb: Quotes with Daphne Lamb

Daphne Lamb–author of The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse–shares her favorite quote from the book Lives of the Monster Dogs by Kirsten Bakus.

Erica’s Podcast Recommendations

Erica Crouch has some inspiring podcasts that you need to listen to.


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk about all things fanfics! And Meghan Jashinsky, Emma Gisclair, and E. Latimer share excerpts from their teenage fics. 🙂

Fictional Frights

Erica Crouch is inspired by the creepy atmosphere of October. Edgar Allen Poe, anyone?

Free Writing Email Subscriptions

Rachel Sargeant shares a couple of writing subscriptions that can send you writing advice and info about paid writing opportunities.

Get Inspired by Your Favorites!

Kellie Sheridan thinks you should get inspired by making a list of your current favorite things.

Getting That Creative Spark!

Desiraye Williams recommends a few ways to get inspired!


Erica Crouch gets pumped courtesy of her favorite holiday.

Harry Potter Christmas Quote

Erica Crouch shares a Christmassy quote to help get you in the holiday spirit.

Inspiration Through Music

E. Latimer talks about the type of music that inspires her while writing.

Inspirational Lyrics

Rachel Sargeant talks about inspirational song lyrics.

Inspirational Writing Quotes

Kellie Sheridan shares some of her favorite quotes on writing.

Inspiring Soundtracks

Emma Gisclair shares some movie soundtracks that inspire her to write.


Calyn Morgan talks about interpretation using the Seven Basic Plots and her experience with Paint Nite.

Kellie’s Inspiration Feed

Kellie Sheridan talks about Pocket and how she uses it to save inspiring things to come back to later.

Kelsey Macke: Gets Inspired

Kelsey Macke–author of Damsel Distressed, and 1/2 of the band Wedding Day Rain (who created a soundtrack to accompany her novel)–talks about how she gets inspired.

Learning for Fun and Inspiration

Kellie Sheridan talks about learning new things as a means of inspiration.

Let Camp NaNo Inspire you!

Desiraye Williams talks about how important Camp NaNoWriMo can be in helping to inspire you, even when you don’t reach your word count goals.

Letting Mythology Inspire You

Rachel Sargeant talks about how local folklore can give you amazing inspiration for your writing.

Miscellaneous: YALLFest Authors on Writerly Jealousy

YALLFest 2015 authors Marie Lu, Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), Scott Westerfeld, Gayle Forman, Libba Bray, and Margaret Stohl talk about writers who have made them jealous recently.

Miscellaneous: YALLFest Authors’ Terrible Reviews

YALLFest 2015 authors Brendan Reichs, Brandon Mull, Curtis Jobling, Renee Ahdieh, and Kiera Cass share some of their best terrible reviews.

My Five Fave Author Instagrams

Meghan Jashinsky shares her five favorite author instagram profiles (in no particular order).

Mysterious Things

Emma Gisclair talks about how mysteries can inspire us to write more captivating mysteries in our own stories.

Nerds. Nerds. Nerds.

Calyn Morgan is inspired by all the nerds.

Netflix Inspiration

E. Latimer shares some Netflix shows that are inspiring her big time.

People Who Inspire

Emma gisclair talks about being thankful for the people who inspired you to be a writer.

Poetic Inspiration

Emma Gisclair talks about finding inspiration in poetry, even if you aren’t a huge poetry fan.

Profound YA Book Quotes

Emma Gisclair shares some of her favorite quotes from young adult books that prove the YA haters wrong.

Quotes on Publishing

Emma Gisclair shares some of her favorite quotes on the publishing world.

Quotes on Writing

Kellie Sheridan shares some of her favorite quotes on writing and loving books.

Rachel’s Signed Book Collection

Rachel Sargeant shows off her signed book collection!

Reading Inspiration

E. Latimer talks about how books in the same genre which she is writing can be so inspiring!

REBECCA JAYCOX: Rebecca’s Inspiration

Rebecca Jaycox–author of THE OTHER INHERITANCE (Aelurus Publishing)–shares where she gets her inspiration.


Erica Crouch talks about Jonathan Larson’s RENT.

S. J. Cairns: Inspiration with Sami-Jo

S. J. Cairns–adult fiction writer and member of The Fictionistas vlogging group–talks about how she gains inspiration.

Seeing Others Succeed

E. Latimer talks about using others’ success as motivation in your own writing.

Songs for Inspiration

Emma Gisclair shares the songs that inspire her during her current work in progress.

Soundscapes on Ambient-Mixer.com

Erica Crouch talks about using inspiring soundscapes to help with her writing.

Stories That Inspire

Emma Gisclair talks about all the different kinds of storytelling, and the stories in those mediums that inspire her.

Stuck in Love

Erica Crouch talks about her most favorite movie of all time, STUCK IN LOVE.

Success Stories

E. Latimer talks about how reading other authors’ perseverance and success stories can help inspire you to keep pushing forward.

The KING of Spooky Writing Tips

For Halloween, Meghan Jashinsky shares some quotes on writing from the spookiest of authors–Stephen King.

The Wheels on the Bus

Meghan Jashinsky is super inspired by riding public transportation.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (A Tour)

Emma Gisclair gives you a full tour of Harry Potter World in Orlando!

The Wonderful World of Disney

Kellie Sheridan is a little obsessed with Disney, and is trying to find a way to add some Disney magic to her writing.

The Writer Emergency Pack

Kellie Sheridan shares her brand new Writer Emergency Pack and talks about how it inspires her work.

The Writer’s Sketchbook

Emma Gisclair talks about how you can capture real life as it is happening so that you can write it well later on.

Too School for Cool

Emma Gisclair talks about how school and learning can inspire your writing, even when you’re not in English class.

Two Sentence Scary Stories!

Desiraye Williams shares some two sentence scary stories.

Using Fashion to Wear a Character

Rachel Sargeant talks about using fashion design to inspire her writing.

Vintage Books

Kellie Sheridan has recently picked up tonnnnns of vintage books, and is now using them for inspiration.

Why the WordNerds Love YA

In this Sunday Special video, the WordNerds share why they love Young Adult books.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

E. Latimer talks about her first trip to Harry Potter World and how awesome it was to be immersed in someone else’s fantasy world.

Writing Friends

Emma Gisclair discusses the importance of having writing friends.

Writing Playlist

Erica Crouch talks about music and creating playlists with Spotify.

Writing Podcasts

Kellie Sheridan recommends a few of her favorite writing-related podcasts.

Writing Weather

Emma gisclair talks about how certain weather always inspires her to write, then goes on to discuss the importance of including weather in your settings to help strengthen worldbuilding and tone.

YA Halloween Costumes

Erica Crouch shares some easy costumes based off of young adult book characters.

Young Adult Literature

Emma Gisclair talks about what inspires us to read and write young adult books.

ZOMG Wonder Woman

E. Latimer fangirls a bit over the new Wonder Woman movie.